Hiro Food Packages Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.



Production Chart

  1. We use highly selected material only.  We don't use recycle resin from outside.
  2. Mixing of raw materials in form of resins

  3. Sheeting Process
  4. Sheeting - Transforming resins into sheets

  5. Sheet
  6. Output in roll form for thermoforming process

  7. Thermoforming and Trimming process
  8. Thermoforming and trimming -Transforming sheets into food trays (finished products)

  9. Finished Goods and Inspection
  10. Quality inspections throughout the entire process by line workers and QC team

  11. Packing
  12. Packing into bags and cartons end of production line

  13. Storage
  14. Storage and preparation for distributions by warehouse and logistic staffs

  15. Transportation
  16. Transportation to customers with worldwide distribution networks

  17. Delivery
  18. Final delivery to end-users all over the world

HIRO FOOD uses certified raw plastic material to increace food safety.
We set strict quality standards throughout the entire supply chain process.

Certificate of Analysis by Japan Food Research Laboratories

Good Quality / Safe / High durability

  • HIRO FOOD materials LPS / LPN / OPS are certificated by Japanese Food Reserch Laboratories.
  • HIRO FOOD materials (LPS / LPN / OPS) has been certificated by Japan Food Research Laboratories

Product Features

  • Ecology
  • Surface
  • Accurancy
  • Japanese Quality
    Japanese Quality

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