Hiro Food Packages Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

Japanese Quality

Japanese Quality

Superb and consistent quality

Advanced Manufacturing

Embrace new technologies and advance manufacturing machines to produce high quality products

Advanced Manufacturing

Japanese Technology

We use of leading-edge technologies in our production, enable us to offer products of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Japanese Equipment

Our plant facilities and equipment must be maintained at a hygienic state at all time to increase buyer confidence in food safety.

Japanese Materials

We source high performance packaging material which possess strong barrier characteristics that can extend shelf life and to enhance supply chain efficiencies.

Strictly Quality Check

Execute strict quality control systems that meet global standards

Strictly Quality Check

Experienced Engineers

Engage highly experienced and expertise engineers with tacit knowledge to optimize and accelerate new product development.

High Reliability Management System

To maintain a high reliability management company, we constantly review our current practice and seek new and more effective ways of doing things.

Authentic Japanese Design

Authentic Japanese Design

A constant search for innovative to assure our clients, a continuous supply of new, surprising and high quality products

Product Features

  • Safety
  • Ecology
  • Surface
  • Accurancy

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