Hiro Food Packages Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.




  • hard work, commitment and talent are essential to HIRO FOOD's success
  • We are always looking for talented and enterprising individuals to join Hiro Food
  • In our business, hard work, commitment and talent are essential to our success.
    Therefore we hire people who shares our goals and values, and those who are interested to develop a careers with us, and to contribute and share our growth and success.

We are confident to assure you that regardless in whatever capacity that you may join us, you could expect for new challenges and diverse environment that will contribute to your self growth and experience.

Company event and activities

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  • Traditional Events
  • CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Charity
  • Annual Dinner
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  • If you are a person who is committed, hardworking, efficient and believes could consistently contribute to our mission of High Quality, Customer Satisfaction then click on the button below to enquire more about how you can be part of HIRO !